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Shadows & Daylight (S1E01) "Turning Over an Old Leaf"

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Winter O'Brien, amateur sleuth, is about to have her life changed. When an old friend from Winter's shadowy past shows up in her home town of New Dublin, Winter finds herself in the middle of uncovering secrets that no one else dared bring to the daylight.


"Turning Over an Old Leaf" was written and directed by Christopher Green.

Sound design by Christopher Green, with Mix Supervision by Todd Green.

Music by Natasha Green.

Our cast included, in order of appearance:

Alicia Powell as Winter O'Brien.

Todd Green as Commissioner Steven Delaney.

James J. Green as Matt Delaney (Steven's son).

Janna Griffioen as Red LeBon (Winter's cousin).

Sierra Brewer as Leigh Christian.

Matthew Gaskin as the train station announcer.

Andy Loyst as Officer Svenson.

Pattie Roche as Tory O'Brien (Winter's mother)

And Jakeb Loyst as Evan Christian (Leigh's brother).

Shadows and Daylight is a production of GreenStreams Studio, © 2015. Find out more about GreenStreams Studio at

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Shadows & Daylight (S1E01) "Turning Over an Old Leaf"

1 rating
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