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Shadows & Daylight (S1E03) "The Cross Tattoo"

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It's no secret that the cross is a strong symbol in many cultures. It unites some and it divides others. What Winter and Evan discover about a certain cross symbol will change their lives and the future of New Dublin forever.

"The Cross Tattoo" was written and directed by Christopher Green.
Sound design by Christopher Green, with Mix Supervision by Todd Green.
Music by Natasha Green and Christopher Green.

Our cast included, in order of appearance:
James J. Green as the news anchor man.
Veronica Aiello as reporter Nancy Bramley.
Henry Griffioen as Sergeant Carl Avery.
Todd Green as Kyle the camera man and as Dwayne.
Andy Loyst as Jack.
Sierra Brewer as Leigh Christian.
Vicky Popowich as Tricia Wescott (Winter's former nanny).
Alicia Powell as Winter O'Brien.
Jakeb Loyst as Evan Christian (Leigh's brother).
Christopher Green as the tattoo artist.
Mel Roche as “Father” Donald Schaffer.

Shadows and Daylight is a production of GreenStreams Studio, © 2016. Find out more about GreenStreams Studio at

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Shadows & Daylight (S1E03) "The Cross Tattoo"

0 ratings
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