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Shadows & Daylight (S1E09) "Jericho"

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With New Dublin being taken over by the Thols, and finding herself getting no help from West Orlington Police, Winter seeks out new allies. Meanwhile the Delaney's are discovered and detained by an M55 Shepherd called The Indigo. But an unlikely ally may be their key to escape.

"Jericho" was written and directed by Christopher Green.
Sound design by Christopher Green, with additional recording by Luke Guenot, and additional Voice Track editing by Todd Green.
Music by Natasha Green.

Our cast included, in order of appearance:
Henry Griffioen as Sergeant Carl Avery
Natasha Green as Winter O'Brien
Abigail Bourne as Leigh Christian
Patti Roche as Tory O'Brien (Winter's mother)
Christopher Green as Thol and The Indigo
Todd Green as Commissioner Delaney
James J. Green as Matt Delaney and Bill Dawson (anchor)
Tamara Green as Penelope
Hannah Ng as news reporter
Andy Loyst as Jack Tuey and Officer Svenson
Micah Touchet as Father Edin Callaghan
Vicky Popowich as Tricia Wescott (Winter's former nanny)
JD Sutter as the Prot gang member

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Shadows & Daylight (S1E09) "Jericho"

0 ratings
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